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Browse the website to look at some of the current projects being undertaken by Interlock.

They all need your expertise, time and enthusiasm. One such project is the guesthouse building to provide a form of regular income to sustain accommodations and treatment for HIV positive and AIDS affected families.

Many poor rural people are flocking to big cities in search of work only to end up in slums. Our aim is to work within communities to build and sustain projects that bring employment and opportunity to the areas that need it the most.



Put your retirement to work

by participating in an exciting new development project. Invest in your retirement and a communities’ future by helping us to design, build and sustain rural villages in India. Come to work and stay with us in the community during Britain’s winter months, and enjoy the warm weather and beauty of the surroundings! Take a look at the Vadad Hasol guesthouse project to get an idea of what you can be involved in.
Please keep checking the sites for project updates and new information.
Please contact us for more information or to input ideas – we need your skills and experience!