Funds needed to treat Anjalai

Our partner in Tamil Nadu, Rural Development Trust, contacted us regarding Anjalai, a 23 year old tribal girl who suffers from what seems to be a face cancer. The images in the photogallery show the abnormal growth on the right side of her face which has totally disfigured her. Anjalai has been suffering from this condition for the past 12 years and she has developed breathing and eating problems, even slight head movements cause her great pain. Her appearance has got so bad that people in the village avoid her condemning her to complete isolation. Anjalai is orphan, her brother is unable to help her and only her younger sister provides for her. However, she cannot afford even basic medical treatment. Interlock has already contacted hospitals in London and Chennai and has arranged for Anjalai to undertake preliminary tests to understand the cause of her illness and assess the best course of action. The expenses for the surgery to remove the abnormal growth, the plastic surgery to reconstruct her face and the following treatments will be very high, Interlock needs help to cover them and allow Anjalai to have her life back. If you are able to help or have suggestions on how to access funding opportunities please contact us.

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