Schools in Rajapur Taluka

Interlock financed the purchase of computers for two primary schools in the villages of Khalilwadi and Mandrul, attended by students from first to fifth grade (six to eleven years old). Teachers will teach basic computer knowledge and will use DVDs as teaching aids for subjects like geography and history. The objective is to bring the students at a level of computer literacy that could increase their employment prospects.
Interlock is strongly committed to help local schools and to contribute to education programmes, we believe that education is one of the most efficient tools to eradicate poverty and offer children a better future. The conditions in which the majority of Indian village schools operate are difficult and yet the teachers invest all their energy to achieve the best possible results. We were very impressed by the teachers’ efforts in the two schools and we will continue to support them in future projects.
The photos below show the two schools, more in the photo gallery.

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