Solar Power

There are sufficient solar panels now installed at Shanti Van, making it possible for the site to rely solely on solar energy. The Interlock HQ and the guest houses’ electrical appliances have been powered by the solar panels since late 2007. We have batteries to store spare solar powerand use it when there is no direct sunlight available, and we also have an electricity generator to ensure supply in case of need. Panels and batteries were installed on the clinic and the office, ready for use when the buildings will start operating (see Shanti Van project for more info). Not only are we helping the environment and saving money on electricity but most of all we are showing that it is possible to implement renewable energy technologies in remote areas. Our work is an example for those that think that solar power is a complex technology available only in urban areas.
Solar demonstration / alternative energy project – We are discussing with teachers of local schools about organising school visits toShanti Van for the students to see how solar power works. Those students could be the future solar power engineers to work in Interlock Shanti Van and other projects!
Interlock is presently working on a system to use affordable solar power to pump water for the villages of the Konkan area. We would like to hear from professionals that could help us expanding our solar / wind power projects and help to establish the demonstration unit

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